To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer.

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I am born in Verona, a beautiful city in the North of Italy. During high school I developed a passion for computer science and afterwards I started a Bachelor degree in the University of Verona. After 3 years I graduated and I moved to the University of Trento for my Master degree. During my Master thesis I collaborated with a Stockholm company implementing a Peer Sampling Service (PSS). During my master I specialized in distributed systems, distributed algorithms and mining software repositories.

In 2016 I enrolled in the European Project Seneca as a PhD in the University of Technology of Delft and as a researcher at SIG (The Netherlands).

I like all sports particularly basketball and volleyball. I love music, play guitar and electronics in general. During my free time I like to travel, visiting new places and immortalizing everything in beautiful pictures.

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To Mock or Not To Mock? An Empyrical Study On Mocking Practices
Davide Spadini, Mauricio Aniche, Magiel Bruntink, Alberto Bacchelli
In Proceedings of MSR 2017 (14th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories)
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